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Dispatcher helps DeSoto County woman give birth

Two women are forever connected after a surprising 911 call.

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss — A DeSoto County mother has plenty to be grateful for after a dispatcher helped her and her husband deliver their newborn baby.  

Eleven weeks ago Rebecca Nevill’s husband called 911 to get assistance for his wife who was about to deliver her baby.   

Dispatcher: Desoto County 911, what’s your emergency? 

Mr. Nevill: My wife’s in labor her water just broke. 

Dispatcher Heather Holden answered the 911 call. 

“We do have pregnancy calls you know where they call and say you know I’m having contractions," said Holden. "But it was never my water had broke.”

Holden calmly directed Rebecca’s husband to get towels in preparation and talked them both through the miracle of birth.  

“For our three-year-old to be standing next to my husband and our 1-year-old asleep next to us and everybody was just calm, except for me of course, that was just great,” said Nevill.  

“When I heard him cry it was an awesome experience," said Holden. "I was relieved that I was able to do my job.”  

The Nevill family says about 8 minutes later, they were able to welcome 7-pound beautiful baby Mason to the world.  

This week the two women were able to embrace each other in person. 

“There were a few tears shed you know it was emotional," said Holden. "It was nice to meet them it was great.” 

Holden said her first time helping deliver a baby over the phone will be etched in her memory and that the Nevills are the real heroes.  

“She’ll definitely always be apart of our family now," said Nevill. "She’s in with us now."