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WEB EXTRA: Local 24 News’ Mike Matthews – IT IS OVER!! Down goes Herenton, down goes Sawyer, Strickland is the champ again

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – Ok, I know. What’s the deal with all the boxing references? The great Howard Cosell would scream how “It Is Over...
Mike Matthews

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – Ok,I know. What’s the deal with all the boxing references?

Thegreat Howard Cosell would scream how “It Is Over!!”

Hemight have ended up falling asleep when it came to the Memphis City Elections.

Biggestvote was the one about raising the sales tax. People voted to raise their owntaxes. That’s a news story all by itself.

Inthis case, they voted to raise the sales tax because the benefits were going togo back to first responders – police and firefighters.

Thisone will be interesting to watch, because police and firefighters have been tryingto get these benefits restored for years, until they came up with their ownplan. A plan you folks approved.

TheMayor’s race was a snoozer.

JimStrickland is perceived by most Memphians as a nice guy. He IS a nice guy.

Stricklandsaid he wanted to focus on road repairs, crime, and all the basic services. Allof those problems still exist, but he has, and continues, to come up with plansto alleviate them.

Look,the bottom line is this.

Politiciansthat say they’re going to do something, and then do it, they get re-elected.

Ifanybody expected Strickland to solve the crime problem in four years, a problemthat has been in this city for nearly a century, they weren’t being realistic.

Butgains are being made.

Thosethat disagree had a chance to let their feelings be known. They did. Only notenough of them.