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WEB EXTRA: Local 24 News’ Mike Matthews on the politics of props

I "Remember the Alamo," I "Remember the Maine," I "Remember Pearl Harbor." Heck, I "Remember Pearl Bailey." Now the chic...

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com)- Remember the chicken.

Who said that, anyway?

I “Remember the Alamo,” I “Remember the Maine,” I “Remember Pearl Harbor.”

Heck, I “Remember Pearl Bailey.”

Now the chicken…

Congressman Steve Cohen wanted to illustrate what he thought of Attorney General William Barr’s refusal to testify before the House Judiciary Committee.

“I was going to have one of my staff members wear a chicken costume,” he told me, “…but it was too late, so we got a bucket of chicken instead.”

And of course, social media went nuts.

Pro and Con, Steve Cohen is a lightning rod.

Props aren’t just a Democrat thing.

Remember Lamar Alexander’s flannel shirt and pickup truck, during one of his campaigns.

Lyndon Johnson used a helicopter during his successful U.S. Senate campaign in 1948.

They were rare back then.

Numerous politicians have announced they were running for office holding a broom.

It was supposed to signify the candidate was ready to sweep out the bad guys and clean up this town.

A broom just seemed to work better than a dust buster.

Former President George H.W. Bush campaigned in a train across the South.

I remember covering his Vice-Presidential running mate Dan Quayle.

We stood at the end of, yet another train, taking pictures of him waving.

Waving at nobody, the train was rumbling through a wooded area, but his handlers thought him waving on a train would be a great photo op.

Congressman Cohen isn’t the first.

He won’t be the last.

Instead of KFC, maybe he should have used Jack Pirtle’s or Gus’s Fried Chicken.

If you want to make a point, you’ve got to use the best.