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WEB EXTRA: Local 24 News’ Mike Matthews on when things get ugly in politics

It's getting ugly. I don't like it, either. There is a lot of anger in politics now.
Mike Matthews

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – It’s getting ugly.

I don’t like it, either.

There is a lot of anger in politics now.

No, it hasn’t always been this way.

I’ve seen the biggest of political enemies carpool to city halls and legislative offices.

They can disagree on the floor of their respective elected offices, but once they leave the floor, they can discuss things.

They did something that is almost unheard of anymore.


The anger in Washington that we see and hear about every night is flowing south.

It has invaded Memphis.

This week, I covered a town hall meeting held by 9th District Congressman Steve Cohen.

Now, the Congressman was running late, thanks to problems with his flight.

His audience arrived early, and they stayed, while Cohen staffers did their best to help them.

Representative Cohen finally arrived about 90 minutes late, and everything seemed fine.

There was one guy there. He did NOT like Cohen’s views on gun control, the border, health care, or President Trump.

In other words, he didn’t agree with the Congressman on just about anything.

They both argued, well, not really argued. They disagreed passionately.

But when people in the audience started criticizing the guy, it got ugly real fast.

People talking over each other, nobody listening to anything, everybody accusing everybody else of acting up.

And I’ve started seeing this in state and local politics.

Congressman Cohen put it this way.

“There are a few in the middle,” he said. “Mostly you are either for Trump or against Trump, and nothing will change your mind.”

That’s where we are.