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WEB EXTRA: Local 24 News’ Mike Matthews – Political Junk from the Political Junkie

I’ve missed this. The political scene has been dull and dry the last few weeks, but now it’s back.
Mike Matthews

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – I’ve missed this. The political scene has been dulland dry the last few weeks, but now it’s back.

And how.

The Shelby County Election Commission has certifiedthe names on this year’s ballot. You’ll recognize a lot of them.

Ed Ford Senior is running to replace his son for citycouncil. There has been at least one Ford on City Council for decades.

In the race for Mayor of Memphis, it’s great to seeRobert “Prince Mongo” Hodges and Leo AwGoWhat running. It justwouldn’t be the same without them. One thing for certain, neither Mongo nor Leowill have to worry about finding a ballroom big enough for their election nightcelebration.

City Court Clerk. I have the feeling a lot of peopledon’t even know what the clerk does.

For years, the clerk was Thomas Long, whose slogan wasthe same ever four years: “You can’t go wrong with Thomas Long.”

The clerk is in charge of collecting all the trafficfees, all the parking fees, and then turning that money over to the city.

Watch two people in this race. Former Memphis Mayorand City Councilman Myron Lowery and Joe Brown. Not Judge Joe Brown, but JoeBrown the City Councilman.

The Mayor’s race has been a pretty quiet affair, sofar. It will not stay that way.

Former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton will make sure ofthat, already holding a news conference where he said he was against anychanges to Tom Lee Park.

Watch how the former Mayor deals with Shelby CountyCommissioner Tami Sawyer. They both need to appeal to the same voters to haveany chance of beating incumbent Mayor Jim Strickland.

Early voting starts in September.