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"You have to cannonball your dreams,": One U.S. Airforce Veteran aims to teach people how to be impactful leaders

He says once you run up to the side of a swimming pool and you pull your legs up, and you’re in the mid-air, you can’t go back.

HORN LAKE, Miss — The need for strong leadership skills is prevalent now more than ever. 

According to Go Remotely, 83% of employers state that it is crucial to develop leaders at all levels.

One Mississippi man is working to help as many people in the area as he can become better leaders.

He goes by the name Coach Chris Camp. He has always had the heart to serve, and has fulfilled a number of leadership positions that have prepared him to train people to do the same.

“There’s one thing that this world needs more of right now in my opinion than anything in every aspect of life. It doesn’t have to be any kind of position or title…that is solid leaders,” Coach camp stated.

Leading is Camp’s passion. He is a United States Air Force Veteran, a retired Memphis firefighter-paramedic, and now a paramedic professor at Southwest Tennessee Community College, where the idea of teaching people about leadership all began.

“A lot of my students continued to encourage me to use this motivational style of talking to help others and I didn’t really see it that way. I was in the classroom teaching people how to be a paramedic,” Camp expressed.

And after trying several approaches, Camp decided to give it a try with his camera phone and a Facebook post, which prompted Camp to continue to post more motivational and leadership content based on his personal experiences.

Camp said leadership is important in every facet of life and requires a certain approach.

“Part of that is accountability. Every leader needs to be accountable. If you’re accountable for your actions, you’re going to show others that you’re not going to expect more from them than you expect of yourself,” Camp said. “That’s going to develop trust. Integrity is another big key point.”

Camp is taking his outreach further and putting together a show with other leaders on August 13 at the DeSoto Family Theater where they will talk about leadership for women and minorities, leadership as it applies to first responders, the importance of athletics, the development of the youth and more. For more info, click here.

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