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WATCH: Buck breaks into Tennessee school hoping for extra 'points,' ends up stuck in class

Maybe he couldn't wait to hit the books or was getting to school early for extra 'points.' But, luck wasn't on his side because he spent the night stuck in class.

SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. — A deer made an unannounced visit to a school in Springfield, Tennessee. The surprise visitor was caught on video Tuesday morning. 

A young buck busted in through an emergency exit door at Westside Elementary sometime overnight. Maybe he just couldn't wait to hit the books, or he was getting into school early for extra 'points.' But, luck wasn't on his side because he ended up spending the night locked in a classroom.

The buck knocked over a few tables and chairs during his stay at the school, but he was not injured. 

Kaleb Stratton of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency was called in Tuesday morning to escort the unwanted and unharmed classmate back to the wild.

"When I walked in the school they said, 'He's really cute,' and I said, 'What do you mean, he?' Thinking it was a doe, a female deer, and not a buck. Once I found out it was a buck and I saw it in the classroom, I was like, 'This is gonna be hard," Stratton said.

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It's possible the deer didn't actually show up to learn. Instead, he most likely went crashing into the classroom in hot pursuit of a girlfriend. After all, it's mating season for deer. So, if anything, this buck wasn't a student, but a teacher giving us a lesson in the birds and the bees. 

"They're just running crazy and it's not just in Robertson County, it's all over the state of Tennessee," Stratton said. 

Still, the buck broke in on the last day of school before Thanksgiving break. Now, the elementary school's teachers certainly have a story to take home with them—one about a new student who gave everyone something to talk about. 

"He passed everything as far as I know. All the teachers and students were happy to hear he was OK," Stratton said. 

The buck was lured outside the building and happily ran back into the woods.