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Local teen rapping career taking off after talent show winning

LaQuinceya Wilson who goes by the rap title, "Lil Q" is on the road to success after winning Stax Academy's Mic Drop Talent Showcase.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — This October we are celebrating local musicians in the Memphis area. 

LaQuinceya "Lil Q" Wilson is a 17 year old basketball player from Kirby High School. She won the Mic Drop Talent Showcase back in May, that was hosted by Stax Music Academy. Her reward for winning that showcase was $500, studio time with Young Avenue Sound, digital distribution, and a professionally written artist bio by Jared Jay Boyd of WYXR radio station. 

Credit: Meka Wilson
Credit: Meka Wilson

Wilson performed her original song Psycho Livin' which is a song about her being bullied as a child. 

Wilson said since the Mic Drop, she has been investing in herself, and learned to understand that different music can put you in the spotlight, and it doesn't only have to be rap. In her song Psycho Livin', Lil Q also sings. "It's good to be versatile."

"My background history is I can say that I'm a rapper. I've been doing this since I was 9 years old. This is my dream. My passion. This is the only thing that keeps me going and is definitely my motivation on why I'm living, basically," said Wilson. 

Credit: Lil Q

And with her growing success, Wilson was able to donate $1400 to her high school. The funds went to Kirby High School's girls basketball team. 

Credit: Lil Q

Wilson said she has an EP album on the way, titled "I'm Different" and it includes features from other artists. On the EP there is a song titled "My Time To Go," which is about her not giving up on basketball. She's been doing basketball all her life, and with years of playing, she's now a better player. The EP will drop in January.  "Y'all just be ready for Lil Q," she said. 

Credit: Meka Willson

Her advice for aspiring musicians is to keep going. "Because this stuff gets hard. It gets tiring. It sometimes makes you feel like you ain't enough and you gotta go harder. You tryna keep up with the game, while staying true to yourself is hard, so what I can say is keep going, and find something that motivates you with your music."

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