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Brittany 'Dottie' Moore | Whitehaven native makes music around the world, faces adversity

“My style is just being raw, being in your face, being Memphis, girl! That’s me,” said Brittany "Dottie" Moore.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Brittany “Dottie” Moore is a Memphis native who is currently on tour with singer Ella Mai.

"You stand there and the first couple of seconds, you’re in the room," Moore said. "Then, you’re gone. You know I’m gone in another atmosphere."

Brittany Moore is also known as "Dottie," her stage name. 

"Singing has just been a part of my life - all my life," she said. "Being from Memphis is the very fiber of who I am.”

With just $300 in her pocket and priceless hope, Dottie sought what her soul could not hold inside. 

"Three-hundred-dollars doesn’t last in California — let me tell you," she said. "By day three, I was hungry. When I went out there, I was not playing. I had that hustle that all the good southerners have.”

It is a hustle that has led to touring with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, J-Lo and Ciara. 

“My style is just being raw, being in your face, being Memphis, girl! That’s me,” Dottie said. “I’ve been all over the world three times over. There’s nobody like Memphians — just the spirit of us.”

It is a spirit that flows even through adversity. Dottie said she deals with both endometriosis and adenomyosis — diseases of the uterus with symptoms that include pelvic and abdominal pain. 

"I’ve just come to know this disease so well because it’s kicked my butt for the last couple years," she said. "It’s affected my work, but being in the pandemic, being sick — just losing my mother, it’s all been kind of tough."

Still, tough can’t stop purpose. 

"The awareness of this disease is what is driving me," Dottie said. "It’s like a new passion for me. Outside of music, I’m going around and ring to let women know that they need to pay attention their bodies. I’ve just got fight in me. I don’t lay down. It’s something I would say that comes from my mother.”  

At times, Dottie speaks to the struggles directly. 

"Telling life, you’re not going to beat me — we’re either going to do this together or you’re going to have to take a back seat,” said Dottie. 

The front seat is occupied by hopes and dreams.

Dottie also said her goal is to come back to Memphis and mentor youth the way she was mentored. She wants to help them reach their full potential and expose them to endless opportunities.

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