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The Juicy Cactus and Tru Bros stir up healthy drinks

“This is not just about serving juice,” said Jenice Hill, the owner of The Juicy Cactus.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As we Celebrate Memphis all month long, we are highlighting our small businesses. We caught up with three business owners who are sure to quench people's thirst.

Health is wealth, and there’s a lot to pour around. 

“This is not just about serving juice,” said Jenice Hill, the owner of The Juicy Cactus.

“Our juices are exotic. They’re organic,” said Hill. “It’s for women who just want overall health. Their bodies are changing, and they need something different.” 

It is a difference that led Hill, who was also a gymnast, to start the company 14 years ago.

“My body went through a lot of trauma and I developed cancer. Being able to educate myself on what to eat, what’s going to help my body heal more quickly,” said Hill. “I was able to repair my body from nine months of cancer with no chemo and no medication.” Not only did Hill recover, but other family members who had cancer as well.

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“I’m very proud of her. It’s very cool that she came up with this. She’s always been into juicing, but she’s never really like got a whole business out of it,” said Sydney Hill, Jenice Hill’s daughter.

Now, Hill has a business known throughout the Mid-South. 

“I thought, that if someone didn’t know how to eat, how selfish would that be to keep that knowledge to yourself and leave and never share it with anyone. For me, it was just important to not think of just the people who were close to me and who I love. It was more about the people who were close to others that they love,” said Hill.

It is a love that brothers Amaru and Amir Chavez are mixing too. 

“The day he was born, I did not like him at all. I don’t know how it got to the point where we got to be best friends. That’s why we named it Tru Bros because we are,” said Amir Chavez. Tru Bros serves juice and tea.

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“Every person that we met, we sold to. Now, we’re in stores and it’s like, ’Ahh,’” said Amir.

“It’s really amazing that people try our drinks. Now, it’s on social media. It just gives us a sign that we’re going to become really popular,” said Amaru.

Just like The Juicy Cactus, the brothers are stirring healthy hearts. 

“Love and passion for what I do makes me want to get up every day and do this for the next customer,” said Hill.

“I want it to be healthy for kids,” said Amir Chavez. “It’s good. It’s healthy. Nothing to worry about.”

Click below to learn more about The Juicy Cactus and Tru Bros:

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