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Faith leaders on how the nation can begin to heal during turbulent times

Local faith leaders share how we can recover during tumultuous times.

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — Last week’s Capitol siege reminded us that as a nation we’re still living in turbulent times.  

How do we begin to recover? 

We’re reminded daily if not by the hour by our health experts and phone notifications that these are increasingly becoming uncertain times. Faith leaders say we can start to overcome by keeping our hearts sensitive.   

This past year has been a trying one – from the Black Lives Matter protests centered on racial injustice to the pandemic taking thousands of lives.  

“This past year has been an unbelievably challenging and painful and difficult year for so many reasons," said Rabbi Sarit Horwitz of Beth Sholom Synagogue. "Thinking about the pandemic and the havoc it has wrecked on our societies, both physical lives and our economy.”  

Horwitz said an important step to healing as a nation is listening to one another’s perspectives and stories.  

Next is not getting acclimated to violence.  

“If we give up on being shocked then we give up on the notion that it can be different," Horwitz explained. "That’s what propels us to work and to have hope and to have faith that we can be a different nation. This does not have to define us.” 

“We’ve lost compassion for one another and I think when we as people again regardless as to your political affiliations whether you’re denominationally connected or not, I think it has to go beyond those lines,” said Pastor Donald Johnson of Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church. 

Johnson said forgiveness has to take place by all sides whether that be from those of different political parties or of different backgrounds.   

“The injustice, it has to become everyone’s problem. If it’s hurting you then I have to make it my problem."