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Memphis couple creates group to feed the homeless after their son died

David Mullins and his wife, Sharon, created Team Laeth in lieu of their son who loved helping those in need.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There's a Memphis-based group called Team Laeth that has been feeding those who are in need every week. 

This January marked their ninth year serving people in honor of their son who was hit and killed in 2012.

Those who are in need have a special place in Co-founder David Mullins' heart.

"Me and my son used to serve down at the Union Mission with a youth group in church and when he got back from the marines, we would still go down there every few months and serve a meal," Mullins said.

It was something they did often, just the two of them before his son's death.

"It was our time together, so when he died, and he had life insurance money, it just kinda seemed like something to do to honor him," Mullins explained.

He and his wife, Sharon, named the group Team Laeth after their son. The goal is to serve people with food and basic essential items that they may need. 

The group partners with the Mid-South Food Bank to feed as many people as they can. They show up at the First United Methodist Church in downtown Memphis every Thursday at 5 p.m.

David expressed how much he has missed his son, but he has managed to find purpose after the tragedy.

"This church burning down over here and having a concrete slab that they weren't using for years, which they allowed us to serve at and my kid dying. If those two tragedies wouldn't have happened, you wouldn't have this Thursday meal,” Mullins said. “Sometimes good things can come from bad. I'd rather have my kid back, but I go to sleep every night knowing I did something in his name."

Team Laeth gets about 2,300 pounds of food, drinks and snacks every other week to feed anywhere from 80-100 people on a weekly basis.

Mullins stated that they have not missed a Thursday of feeding people yet because the results are very rewarding.

"When you see them on their feet and taking care of themselves, then they come back and help us, so we lift them up and they come back and help us,” Mullins said.

The group is also in need of volunteers for multiple departments including social media management, food, clean up and serving. 

Find out how to volunteer with Team Laeth