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6-year-old who is homeschooled answers 10,000 questions

Jile Star is a young scholar who also speaks two languages in addition to English.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A young scholar who is on the fast track for learning has completed 10,000 academic questions and does work on the third and fourth-grade levels. 

Six-year-old Jile Star was just two when he started reading. So far, he's read more than 1,000 books. 

Jile has been homeschooled all his life and is in first grade, but does work at higher grade levels. 

"We've been on a fast track for learning since he was about two, so we don't really do grades," Dad Paris Star said. "We keep him with a grade so that he knows where he belongs as far as his age group. Education-wise, we don't have limits, so we kind of measure that he's around third or fourth grade, but we have some stuff that he does that even high schoolers and college students don't know, then you know certain things, he's just a six-year-old kid, so it's just a mixture."

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He completed the questions on a third grade level in less than a year, on a special online platform called IXL, which keeps track of the school work he does every day.

"Out of the ten, 4,000 of them were math and he's already third and fourth grade. We're doing multiplication, division, subtraction up to, I think in the thousands," Mom Tryphena Star explained.

Jile also speaks Spanish and Japanese. Tryphena, who is a traveling nurse, and Paris, who is an entrepreneur said they are mindful to nurture his interests.

"When we were in San Diego, he picked up Tae Kwon Do, and that's where he picked up Japanese," Tryphena said. "The Tae Kwon Do teacher had them learning commands and numbers in Japanese and he just developed a love for it. So now he has a Japanese tutor that he sees every Tuesday. She emails him, she's actually in Japan."

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Someday Jile aspires to be a doctor and president of the United states, but first, he plans to start his journey as class president after he is enrolled in school.

"If you want to be great, don't procrastinate at all," Jile said.

To keep up with Jile you can follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube @thewizkidjile or click here

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