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Special and simple gift ideas for mom

Here are some special gift and activity ideas for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is quickly approaching and if you need a last minute idea to celebrate, look no further!

Family Fun Twin Cities has provided some last minute, but very special, Mother's Day activities and gift ideas.

  1. Make Mom breakfast. It doesn’t have to be in bed. In fact, can I say please don’t make breakfast in bed? Breakfast is beautiful on a table with some flowers. Make sure your gift of breakfast also includes clean up. 
  2. Take the family to the park for a picnic. Let the kids run around while Mom enjoys some time to herself. Moms could take this time to write down some unique Covid memories. We don’t think we will ever forget this time in our lives. Unless it’s written down, there is a high likelihood that we will forget the details. 
  3. Have a family movie night. The way you make this a gift for mom? It’s Mom’s choice (And NO complaining) . How many times is family movie night centered around an animated movie? Don’t get me wrong. We love us some animation, too, but we have shows and movies we’ve been waiting to see. This may be the perfect time to get started. 

As for gifts to make

  1. Paint a Rock. Paint it with bright colors for Mom’s garden. If you want to make it a momento, make sure that the year is included. 
  2. Handprint Cupcake Card. This is especially sweet for the littlest ones. And as they grow each year Mama gets a bigger cupcake on her card. 
  3. Flower Vase Card. With some glue and paper and markers, this is a sweet gift. Use the flowers as coupons for later or for reasons why Mom is loved. 

You can find more ideas for Mother's Day at www.familyfuntwincities.com/mothers-day-events-twin-cities/

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