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'901 Community Fridges' working to fight food insecurity during the holiday season

901 Community Fridges has three locations around the the Bluff City for Memphians to donate and receive free food.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As the holiday season ramps up, many don’t have access to food in order to make that special holiday meal. Still, organizations like 901 Community Fridges are making it possible to feed families by filling a fridge.

“Memphis is a very impoverished city and there’s a lot of areas within Memphis that don’t have grocery stores or access to grocery stores," LJ Abraham, the founder of 901 Community Fridges, said.

An empty refrigerator is often far too common for many families in Shelby County.  

According to Feeding America, nearly 140,940 people lack access to quality and consistent food.

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As food prices climb due to inflation, Abraham says things have only worsened here in Shelby County. 

“With inflation and the cost of food consistently going up ... we are in a city that has so many food deserts," Abraham said. “I think that it’s really important for people together and bring forth the need for people to be able to celebrate the holidays with their families. A lot of times people can’t afford those groceries."

Free food can be accessed at three locations of the "901 Community Fridges" — on Tillman in Binghamton, behind the first congregational church in Cooper Young or near Trinity Church on Highland. Not only can uncooked meats and vegetables be given, but also unopened items like rice, bread, dried beans, cereal and pasta are available as well.   

“We want people to be able to come get food without feeling guilty about it — without feeling guilty for needing help," Abraham said.

LJ Abraham says now is the time to take what you need and donate what you can.

In addition to food donations, Memphians can support the mission of this new initiative by donating time as volunteers are needed to help clean and maintain the fridges.  

Donors can provide funds for refrigerator maintenance or support 901 Community Fridge's food drive on December 17 by making a PayPal donation (the account is under 901communityfridges@gmail.com).

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