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South Memphis grocer is feeling the supply chain pinch

"Everybody is feeling the supply chain crunch," said Roshun Austin, The Works CDC Executive Director.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Supply chain shortages are hitting home for one South Memphis grocery and its customers. 

The Grocer at the South Memphis Farmers Market is located essentially in a food desert. The store's owner said she is doing everything possible to keep the food coming to its customers. 

"I stay right in the neighborhood. I walk down all the time," said shopper Carla Welcome.

For Welcome, The Grocer at the South Memphis Farmers Market is a welcome relief. Without a working car, getting to a full size grocery store with fresh food is difficult. 

"This grocery store is a great thing in the community. I just wish he has more products," said Welcome.

Right now, some supplies on the shelves are thinning.  

"I was just talking to my grocery partner and he said 'I can't get stuff. Things I used to be able to get in two days, it's taking me two months to get.' So everybody is feeling the supply chain crunch," said Roshun Austin, The Works CDC Executive Director.

Across the nation, you have seen shipping containers stacked up. That includes here in the Mid-South.

Intermodal facilities in our region are slammed trying to get products put on trucks to be sent out. The back up is upending the entire supply chain.

From aluminum shortages to make cans to put food in, to grocery distributors not having supplies to ship, to truck driver shortages - supply chain issues are a challenge.

"The necessities, the stores are not able to get it because the trucks gotta bring it there," said Austin.

Austin is the Executive Director of The Works Community Development Corporation, which also runs the Grocer. It's located at Mississippi Blvd and South Parkway.

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Austin said supply chain issues have hit their customers especially hard because many of the customers don't have transportation. They often walk to the store. They don't have the luxury to drive all around town trying to find certain items. 

Austin worries supply chain problems will lead to rising costs.

"The cost of goods, whether it's tissue or sanitary supplies or food - so everything is going up if you can't get it to you," said Austin.

A price rise is something Austin said her customers can't afford.

"They can't afford it in the first place, so we're not trying to increase the price for them. We want to give it to them with a very little mark up," said Austin.

Austin said she hopes the supply chain issues will soon end, making life easier for not only for her customers - but everyone.

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Posted by South Memphis Farmers Market on Monday, October 11, 2021