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Collierville man will be reunited with his 2003 high school class ring found 900 miles from his home

Joel Fong's 2003 class ring has resurfaced in Collierville


Joel Fong, a Collierville native, received an unexpected phone call this week from his hometown in Collierville, Tennessee. Collierville Public Services informed Fong that they were contacted by West Tennessee Recycling Hub. A class ring was discovered and sorted out through recyclable materials and the center was determined to reunite this ring with the owner. 

Once the ring made its way back to Collierville, sanitation managers Billy Wilson and Josh Russell discovered a name engraved on the sides of the ring. These engravings lead them to an address where Joel was nowhere to be found.

However, the new family said they knew a member of the ring owner’s family. This led them closer to Joel and reuniting him with the ring.

Fong now lives in Corpus Christi, Texas, and his 2003 class ring is on its way to Joel. He added that looking at this ring reminded him of the memories of his adolescence and his childhood friend who he now lives with in Texas. The two met at Collierville High School.

He expressed his gratitude by saying that this act of kindness reminds him that there are still good people in the world. He adds that kindness is like a boomerang and that it will always come back to you. During these times, this was a nice surprise for Joel.

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