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Baking with Lexie: Mother and daughter combine culture and cooking

A mother and daughter's love of cooking comes alive on their weekly social media show.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — It's lights, camera, action on Thursday nights for mom Nathalie and her daughter Lexie. It's the time when the pair go live on social media for "Baking time with Lexie".

"It's going to be something she will remember when she grows up," Nathalie DeLaTorre said. 

It all started early in the pandemic when Lexie was out of school and wanting an activity to keep her social and creative.

"She's always been interested in baking," said DeLaTorre, "I think it was a really nice thing on the news feed on Facebook for friends and family, a light in the darkness."

The videos not only present their audience with a tasty recipe but also a side of humor. Sometimes recipes don't always go as planned, messes are made, and you never know what kind of commentary little Lexie will make!

"This is a good thing for me too because I can be very OCD and it's good for me to back away and let her blossom. It's an important lesson as a parent to let our kids grow and make mistakes and make a mess and us not get mad about it," said DeLaTorre.

While Nathalie gets to share her love of cooking with her daughter, it's also an opportunity to share her heritage.

For their latest episode, the duos made "Espumillas" a traditional, sweet dessert dish Nathalie grew up eating as a kid.

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"It's important for me, for my kids to grow up eating authentic food because I grew up eating that and that's what my grandma taught me to cook," said DeLaTorre. "To me, it's important that they know yes, we are American, but they are cultured and have a heritage and background. My parents worked really hard. They are the American dream and we are pretty proud of that."

If you want to follow along with the fun, you can find 'Baking with Lexie' on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. 

INSTAGRAM: baking_time_with_Lexie

FACEBOOK: @Bakingtimewithlexie

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