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Kudzu got your goat? | Herd of goats headed to Tennessee college to clear kudzu ahead of homecoming

More goats are expected to enter campus on Friday, clearing kudzu ahead of the college's homecoming.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Students at Knoxville College may want to keep a close eye on their books, or else a goat may eat their homework.

The four-legged and hungry animals are wandering around campus, munching on kudzu ahead of the college's homecoming. They are there to beautify the campus and are expected to stay for a few weeks. More goats are also expected to join them on Friday.

"We're on a steep hillside, we don't know what's in it," said Keith Bridges, who owns Knox Goats — the company that cleans areas with goats. "There's a lot of debris, so the goats go in, clean it up and there's no danger to breaking any equipment."

There will be 75 more goats at the end of this week. Once they are finished with their huge meal, people will clean up the parts that the goats may not have been able to get to.

Credit: Alex Myers
Here is a before-and-after comparison showing what Knoxville College looked like before goats arrived on campus, and what it looks like as they leave.

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