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Metro Atlanta brothers sell hundreds of thousands of cookies as they continue to build cookie empire

“What’s next for this business is actually getting a factory and we also want to get on the retail side of business,” said Isaiah Billingslea.

ATLANTA — The grind doesn’t stop for the Billingslea’s, also known as the Yummy Brothers.

Allow me to reintroduce you to Joshua, who is now 12, Isaiah, 10, 8-year-old Caleb and 6-year-old Micah.

11Alive’s Nick Sturdivant recently caught up with the brothers as they mixed, scooped and baked their next patch of orders.

“When we did the 11Alive interview, orders came in from left to right,” Joshua said.

Now, the brothers said they crank out more than a thousand orders a week. They have already sold over 800,000 cookies.

“Sister Circle reached out to us, so we went on Sister Circle. Atlanta and Company,” Joshua mentioned.

Since our first story, their story has been featured on TV stations in Chicago and all over the Midwest.

“We came to Chicago to order a cooking machine. So, we can make our dough faster. One day when we were out selling cookies in Chicago, we stopped by two news trucks,” Isaiah explained.

“The news guy rolled down the window and bought 20 bags of cookies and he said he would like to get you guys on my channel,” he said.

It’s a business they started a few years ago. The Yummy Brothers use their great-grandmother’s recipe to make the cookies.

“We used to take our cookies, bake them and take them to gatherings.  So, we started to think we can start making some money off this,” mentioned Isaiah.

“What’s next for this business is actually getting a factory and we also want to get on the retail side of the business,” he said.

The Yummy Brothers have also started baking and selling dog treats.   

“Some of the advice that we would like to give to entrepreneurs is that you have to work hard and never give up and have determination,” said Joshua.

Mom and dad are a big help to this cookie empire.  While the boys are at school, they process a huge chunk of the orders.

If you are interested in learning more about the Yummy Brothers, click here.


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