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No tricks up their sleeves: Magic Dads send kids back to school with swag

“We wanted to provide a safe haven, a comfortable environment,” said Dedrick Ford, Magic Dads Director.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Magic Hands barbershop is sending kids back to school with swag. They're getting new supplies, new bookbags, and a fresh haircut. It is the combination to a good start to the school year.

Good things take time. Time is infinite with family.

“Me and my cousin, some of my friends and colleagues just came up with the idea,” said Jason Bobo, Magic Dads Assistant Director.  

“We’re fathers which is how we came up with the name Magic Dads,” said Dedrick Ford, Magic Dads Director. 

Picture magic, but without the illusions. It's just Bobo, Ford, and a host of mentors making the odds a little more even.  

“We had a lot of kids coming around who were hungry, who needed haircuts, things of that nature. We’ve even had children in the parking lot panhandling,” said Ford. “I wanted to give them the opportunity to have necessities that they were without.” 

Magic Hands barbershop pulled out some trick of their own. 

“We wanted to provide a safe haven, a comfortable environment,” said Ford. “We started out doing back to school events where we give out back to school supplies as well as free haircuts to get them ready to go back to school.” 

It is a small gesture with a big impact. 

“It’s a lot of pressure on them and strain on them like an adult, the everyday life of just trying to be a kids and trying to do too much and not have enough. It can be painful,” said Bobo.

“We wanted to encourage a bully-free environment to encourage self-esteem and put a smile on their face because it’s rewarding,” said Ford. 

For the past five years, those smiles have been priceless. 

“Do you think you’re a community dad,” asked Moncrease. 

“I would hope so. I would think so. A lot of people say I am. If not, I’m more like a community uncle,” said Bobo. 

“You’re in the family,” asked Moncrease. 

“I’m in the family,” said Bobo.

The family and its sense of unity are where magic happens. 

“There’s a lot of discouragement in this community. We want to show that we can have successful children. We can have children that are strong, that are mentally healthy, that can come from these situations and that right there alone…is magical…To come from nothing to something,” said Ford.

These dads are making what seems impossible possible. 

The Back-to-School drive is this Sunday from 12pm to 4pm at Magic Hands in Whitehaven. 

If you'd like to donate or support, click here

You can also send monetary support to $MagicDadsgroup through CashApp.

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