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Flower shortage increases prices with demand rising before Mother's Day

Demand for flowers, mixed with a shortage of products, is causing prices to increase ahead of Mother's Day

CLEVELAND — Prices for flowers are on the rise due to a shortage ahead of one of the biggest sales periods for florists each year, Mother's Day.

The shortage, due to weather, is affecting flower suppliers which in-turn affects local florists.

Leslie Johnson, the co-owner of Petal Place Florist in Northfield, says they've been busy for the last two years, and she doesn't see it slowing down anytime soon.

We've had to pre-order all of our Mother's Day product back in February in order to guarantee that we're going to get it next week," says Johnson.

Along with Mother's Day, florists in Northeast Ohio are preparing to cater towards high school students for prom. The increase in demand and shortage throughout the country, is causing prices to skyrocket.

"Product that I used to pay a certain amount for as a standing order has doubled and even tripled because the supply isn't there," says Johnson.

Although prices for flowers are increasing, it's strategic to set a budget for your arrangement.

Johnson tells 3News that a wrapped bouquet is a smart way to purchase an arrangement if you're on a budget.

"Getting a wrapped bouquet would be more economical," says Johnson.

3News reached out to nearly ten florists in Northeast Ohio on Friday and all of them said they were extremely busy with orders needing to be filled. 

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