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Our holiday dinner box contest is over and two dozen families got something special for their Christmas dinner table

ABC24 and CW30 were able to give 24 meals away with the help of Kroger and the Mid-South Food Bank.

MEMPHIS, Tenn — ABC24 and CW30 want to thank everyone who participated in our holiday dinner box contest. 

With the help of Kroger and the Mid-South Food Bank, we were able to give away 24 turkeys, hams, and a special surprise, a box full of canned goods.

Each box went to deserving families to celebrate the holiday season. It was truly a gift that gave families one less thing to worry about.

"It's a shame that we still have so many people that are, what we call, work and food insecure, right? Once they finish working, they get their check, they pay their rent, they pay their mortgage, and then they're now trying to decide between gas and whether they can buy food and how they can provide for their family. In this day and age, when we still have all those issues, we definitely just shouldn't be worrying about that during the holiday season," said Louis Vick from the Mid-South Food Bank.

From those that were thankful...

"I'm grateful for life, the abundance of being able to do a lot of things, especially since what we actually had started a year ago with the COVID thing, so I'm grateful just to be able to get and do the normal things," said contest winner Sabrina Horne.

...to those that were just as happy as can be.

"Yeah, I'm looking at that, yeah. I'm trying to see if my oven is big enough to put it in. That's a super duper turkey," said contest winner Stella Thomas.

ABC24 and CW30 were glad to partner with Kroger and the Mid-South Food Bank to make this holiday season special for so many Mid-South families.

"It's been a match made in heaven, actually. You'd be surprised at the natural comradery that the Mid-South Food Bank has with Channel 24/30. It was almost like we've known each other for quite awhile, so it's nice to see two entities come together with the same common goal and be able to reach out and do what e need to do to help those around us," said Louis Vick.