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Mid-South woman drops nearly 100 pounds by going vegan, becomes social media influencer

“On Instagram I have 112,000 followers and on TikTok I have almost 58,000 followers,” TriDereka Hall said. “I have followers from all over.”

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mid-South woman is touting the vegan lifestyle, saying it helped her lose nearly 100 pounds.

Now, she’s become a social media influencer for the change in diet that she said has become a family affair.

“After I had my daughter, I had gotten up to 250 pounds,” said TriDereka Hall of My Black Girl Roots.

“My fiancé is a very, very welcome strong woman,” said Clarence Mitchell II. “I seen her weight get up to 250 and she was kind of upset about it and thinking it was kind of a problem for me. But I was like, baby, it’s OK. It’s a part of pregnancy.”

But in an effort to feel better about herself, Hall decided to try a vegan diet.

“I was like, let me give it a shot and see how I feel. And once I started eliminating some of those things in my diet, I felt amazing. I was like, why doesn’t everybody do this?” said Hall.

“We pretty much cut out all,” said Mitchell. “Junk… period. And it was like the whole plant based, whole foods. And her weight just dropped down completely.”

“I’ve gotten down to 150 to 155 pounds,” said Hall.

So, she turned to social media to show off her weight loss.

“I started my social media videos on TikTok with my daughter,” said Hall.

And it grew and grew.

“On Instagram I have 112,000 followers and on TikTok I have almost 58,000 followers,” she said. “I have followers from all over.”

“I tell my girl she’s a genius because she can see something, and she will study it. That’s what she does. She plans. She executes and she gets down to it,” said Mitchell.

And one of the things Hall said is a big draw, is her daughter.

“My daughter’s name is Camille. She is now 2-years-old. All of her life she has been vegan. She has been vegan since birth. She doesn’t know anything else. She is perfectly healthy,” said Hall. “We made videos about what I fed her in a day. What we ate on a daily basis. What we eat when we go out. And everybody was so interested because a vegan toddler, that doesn’t exist. Everybody was very surprised that a toddler could be vegan or plant-based.”

“It’s a journey for us and we love it,” said Mitchell.

While vegan worked for Mitchell, remember, it’s best to consult a doctor before drastically altering your or your child’s diet.

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