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Old moms, new moms or mothers-to-be: A new app is bringing together women across all stages of motherhood

Peanut is an app where women can build friendships, ask questions and find support as they navigate motherhood. A group of Knoxville moms are bonding through it.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — If you're a mom looking to create new friends for you and your children, there's an app just for you.

Peanut is an app allowing women from all stages of motherhood to bond, ask questions, build friendships and find support. The app brings in mothers with kids of all ages, connecting moms who may know motherhood all too well with expectant mothers.

It's giving a platform for Knoxville moms to connect and share their experiences. It's called "Knoxville TN Moms Connect."

Knoxville mother Heather Hamby said she joined the app in March. She started the Knoxville Moms group in April.

"I was really looking for avenues of finding parent friends. I'm an older mom," Hamby said. "My friends had kids 10 years ago, so here I am in this new avenue of life."

Hamby said she wanted to find a better way for local Knoxville mothers to connect.

"I just really wanted to find a better way for us as a local community to come together over something that we can truly bond over since we all have the similar thing in common," Hamby said.

Through the app, the Knoxville group of women started with six members. Now, it has grown to more than 500 members.

Hamby said each month, she aims to put together one mom's night out and a big family bonding event.

Credit: Heather Hamby

The app allows mothers to lean on each other for support and learn from one another.

"I'm gonna be a new mom," said Lindsay Hamilton, who is expecting her first child. "Just being able to be around moms who have been in the thick of it and know what's happening, what I'm feeling, what I'm going through is just so nice."

Allyson Simpson said she is an adoptive mother, and struggled over the last year with COVID-19 restricting social outings.

"I was really depressed during COVID and just wanted to get out there and be able to talk to other moms and share my experiences," Simpson said.

Simpson said the app allowed her to meet another mom, who lives just down the road with a child the same age as her own and create a new bond.

Shaunda Jones said she has five children ranging from 12 years old to 25 years old. She said the best part about the app is being able to support each other with different stages of child development.

"It's an opportunity to connect with women who say it's a struggle to meet people and make friends as adults," Jones said.

These mothers and more agree the app allows connections in a safe, positive way.

Credit: Heather Hamby

The group said it's planning more events in the next few months.

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