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Memphis artist uses his music to get kids to stop bullying, dress for success, and stay in school

Geno Brownlee, also known as 901_Nazcar, is volunteering his time to improve the lives of Memphis students
Credit: 901_Nazcar
901_Nazcar poses with students during his visit to prevent bullying, encourage them to dress for success, and motivate them to stay in school.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis artist Geno Brownlee, known on TikTok as 901_Nazcar, has been making a difference in schools by encouraging students to stop bullying, and more.

It all started with a viral TikTok song and dance created by Brownlee called Saucy. 

"I used that viral TikTok dance and put it with a positive school song that talks about dressing for success, bully prevention, staying in school, and things like that. It spread like wildfire over the entire world," Brownlee said. 

He has already made 99 visits to 35 schools, which is a weekly routine for Brownlee, who is also a dad of four.

When he learned bullying is a major issue in schools. So he created the Stop The Bullying Tour to raise awareness.

"It's crime going on, it's negativity, a lot of kids are getting bullied and things like that, and I'm not going to tolerate it," Nazcar stated. 

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He was raised in Frayser and said he knows what it is like to struggle.

"A lot of those kids grew up without a mom and dad, grew up with their grandparents and things like that," Nazcar explained. "That's kind of the life that I lived and when I go to these schools, it touches me more than anything because I see myself all over again."

Because of what he experienced growing up, Nazcar said he had to make a choice to be where he is today.

"Taking so many losses, as far as working jobs…things such as playing sports and not making it to the next level and things like that. I used all of that stuff…far as growing up with no mom and no dad was elevation," Nazcar said. 

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He plans to eventually expand his outreach to schools in Mississippi and Arkansas. 

He is also in the process of publishing a children's book called One Day The Sun Will Shine, which will soon be available on Amazon and other outlets. 

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