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Protecting your inner peace | Here's how to start now before the new year

Did you know that adult bullying is real? Living Well Network Supervisor and Methodist Hospital Counselor Allison White said it mainly happens in the workplace.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — 2023 is quickly approaching and we want you to enter the new year with a renewed mind and an emotional state of being.

The pandemic changed a lot for many, causing people to adapt to a new work life at home.

Now that the world has re-opened and people have returned to the workplace, it is another big adjustment.

ABC24 News spoke with a counselor about the steps you can take to regain and maintain control over your life.

Did you know that adult bullying is real? Living Well Network Supervisor and Methodist Hospital Licensed Counselor Allison White said it mainly happens in the workplace.

For many, it may not be so easy to just quit and find something else, and in no way is anyone encouraged to stay where they are not appreciated, but in the meantime, until you can get things figured out White said you should do your best to protect your peace.

“As time goes on, we’re becoming more aware of it. We didn’t really talk about that 10-20 years ago. If we were being treated unfairly or bullied, we’d just move on or go complain to our spouse,” White said.

But it is a new day. White said getting adequate sleep should be a top priority. Then make sure you get some quiet time and ground yourself before you walk into your workplace.

“Finding that routine in the morning is very important. And I also think, for me at least, driving to work is my only time in the morning until I get home or until I go to sleep, of peace,” White explained. “I listen to my podcast, I listen to music that I enjoy…my peace time.”

And while you are working, be sure to give yourself grace and find moments to do what will bring you comfort and joy, like taking your breaks.

“That’s your 30 minutes to an hour that you can disconnect, so if you need to go out to lunch or take a walk…just make sure that you’re taking your breaks. And things that you can have on your desk,” White said. “What brings you happiness? Is it a picture of your kids? Is it a picture of your spouse? Is it the beach? Because it can be your happy place. Having those things around your desk that you can look at and feel happy about.”

And when you get home from work, White recommended, putting yourself on a routine that will allow you to disconnect from work.

“Have something to look forward to after you get off work. It could be, I’m just watching Netflix. It doesn’t have to be grand,” White stated. “It could be, I’m just going to the grocery store by myself and enjoying a Starbucks while walking around Target.”

The key thing here is standing up for yourself, so if there are bigger conflicts in the workplace, White recommended talking to your human resources department and if that does not work, of course, you should escalate.

Posted by Living Well Network on Friday, November 4, 2022

Also, check to see if your insurance covers therapy sessions. If you need help finding a therapist, you can always call the Living Well Network, which is a Methodist Medical Hospital program that helps people access behavioral health services.

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