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Coleslaw, fireworks are just a few of the shortages at the moment

Supply chain shortages continue across the country.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Fireworks and coleslaw are just two items in short supply this Fourth of July weekend. Across the country, and here in the Mid-South, supply chain issues are causing all types of product shortages. So, what is causing the problems, and when will it end? 

From fireworks to new cars, air conditioners to condiments, by now you have probably experienced first hand some form of the supply chain shortages. At High Point Grocery, its an ongoing challenge

"Things go out of stock, things come back in stock. It's a constant moving target and a game we've been playing," said grocery store owner Taylor James.

James said this week there was frustration over a shortage of coleslaw and beer.

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"There is a glass bottle material shortage so bottled beer, Bud, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, is a little harder to get right now one of those things that have happened."

The supply chain issue is complex, and COVID has exacerbated the problem. Whether it's local distributors not being able to get items to grocery stores or businesses who are have their products that where shipped from overseas sitting in shipping containers, stacked up at ports on coast or stuck at rail yards here in the Mid-South.  

Industry experts say some of the issues are in the amount of freight, gridlock at ports and rail yards, a truck driver shortage, and a worker shortage. Another big factor experts say is a chassis shortage. A chassis is the equipment cargo containers are placed on and pulled on the road by truck drivers.  

"You can't move a box. You can't move a 20 or 40 foot box without the chassis," said Bill Dunavant, Dunavant Enterprises.

Bill Dunavant spoke with Local 24 News recently about the nationwide chassis shortage. Without the chassis, truck drivers can't move the cargo.

"The critical problem we have with chassis shortages in the Mid-South. Right now that's the critical piece of equipment that goes under the container we're already facing that so all of this continues to bubble up from a supply chain perspective," said Dunavant.

If the cargo doesn't move, the product is delayed getting it to the consumer. 

"It just backs everything up, it delays it, adds charges. It adds cost to everything in the supply chain," said Dunavant.

"It can get frustrating, but we've dealt with it so much we are used to it," said James.

As for James, he thinks the supply chain issue will get better and, for now, he still has coleslaw in stock for the holiday weekend.

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