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Things to keep in mind during these hot summer days

The Memphis heat can become dangerous for anyone, no matter how healthy you are.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We are all about keeping you safe here at ABC24, and with the extreme heat that we are experiencing, we want to make sure you do not get hurt or sick.

Methodist Medical Group Primary Physician Dr. Jeff Mullins said there are a few things you should keep in mind as it gets hotter.

He said to take this heat "deadly serious" because it can take anyone out.

“A heat advisory should be taken as seriously as a tornado warning or ice storm warning. This heat is absolutely dangerous,” Mullins stated.

It can become dangerous for anyone, no matter how healthy you are.

“People who are going to be safe, are people who are going to be in the pool,” Mullins said. “So unless you’re in a pool, you really don’t need to be out in this heat.”

Mullins added that if you have any outdoor activities, you should do them early in the morning before 10 a.m. or wait until the evening around 6 p.m.

Mullins also recommended being mindful of the temperature before stepping out the door.

“Anything 80-85 is probably fine 85 to 90, maybe even 92-93…you’re getting into that yellow zone, which you’ll really have to start paying attention to how long you’re going to be out in the heat,” Mullins said. “Are you replacing the fluids? But 95 or above is a red zone.”

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He said the older you are and the more chronic diseases you have, or even if you’re very young, there are some things you should think about.

According to Dr. Mullins, it is harder for young children to regulate their body temperature, so never leave a child alone in a hot car.

“Older children and adolescents do heat regulate better, but they’re also much more physically active, so they’re at a higher risk for heat-related injuries,” Mullins said.

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This is why parents should pay attention to their children’s activities, whether they are young or old, but the same goes for adults.

“Now we have patients with diabetes, we have patients with hypertension, we have patients with heart disease, kidney disease and they particularly are at risk for very rapid heat-related injuries,” Mullins expressed.

His blanket advice is that if you do not have to be out in the heat, don’t. Also, if you know of anyone who is at high risk, check on them.

And if you are without air conditioning, Dr. Mullins recommended that you go to a community center or a church that is open to cool your body.

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