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The Art of Transparency helping heal the mind and save lives during the pandemic

Reports of domestic abuse as people find themselves isolated due to the pandemic has caused physical harm and even death. The Art of Transparency is here to help.

MEMPHIS, Tenn — We are living in unprecedented times separated by a pandemic and many of the things that keep us sane.

In many cases the separation is leading to abuse and even suicide.

One organization is providing a path to healing ourselves mentally.

Mikkita Moore is the founder of the Art of Transparency, an organization and tour with the mission to heal one person, one city, one nation at a time.

A mother at 14, abused by a teen boyfriend, raised without a father, Moore is now an author and full of magnetic energy. She knows a thing or 2 about healing and she's paying it forward to save lives.

"Parents and children already have some trauma most of the time and to put COVID-19 on top of that trauma that's a lot," said Moore.

Moore says living in close quarters for months on end can bring out the worst. In fact, doctors and law enforcement are reporting a rise in domestic abuse cases.

"Children are at home with abusers. Parents are at home with abusers. We can't see our friends. We can't see our family, so we're in isolation within our home. That's a trauma in itself," said Moore.  

Her "Art of Transparency" website provides an outlet for anybody facing these situations with tools for both the abused and the abuser.

"We talk about the trauma. We talk about the brokenness. We talk about healing," said Moore.

You can also sign up and learn more about the Art of Transparency's upcoming tour and its stop in Memphis, both virtual and in-person. 

Expect extraordinary life stories from a wide range of panelists driving home the message that therapy for the mind in some form can be lifesaving. 

"We get to tell you the audience about how we made it through, about how we used different mechanisms, whether it was therapy, because we see nothing wrong with therapy. Get help. Get you somebody you can trust and you can talk to and talk to them until you can't talk no more," said Moore.

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