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Greater Memphis Chamber launches new playbook for local businesses hurt by the pandemic

The new Small Business Resiliency Playbook is designed to be a survival guide for small businesses navigating through major financial hits.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on everyone but especially the small, local businesses and now they are still being effected by it. Looking for a solution, the Greater Memphis Chamber launched the "Small Business Resiliency Playbook." This resource would help local businesses recover from the financial effects of the pandemic.

The playbook and its website were designed to be a survival guide for small businesses that are trying to recover from major financial hits. The resources are organized around the acronym PROSPER (Perspective, Refocus, Operations, Systems, People, Engagement, and Resiliency). Each part contains guidance from the latest statistics and trends, as well as input from successful business owners and other helpful tools.

This is a response to the pleas in 2020 from small, local business owners, but it is also to help businesses to prepare for other future downhill slopes. Memphis businesses against future disruptions.

“Simply rebuilding from the pandemic isn’t enough. We also need to fortify our businesses against future disruptions,” said Beverly Robertson, president and CEO of the Greater Memphis Chamber. “The Chamber hopes these new resources will help our businesses prosper through this crisis, but also through the next one and the ones after that, whatever they are and whenever they come. We know that the stronger our community’s small businesses are, the brighter our future will be.”

Plus, the website includes stories from other business owners about their stories and how they survived through the pandemic.

“Every business endures disruptions,” said Dotty Summerfield Giusti, co-chair of the Chamber’s Small Business Council and the president of Summerfield Associates Inc. “Successful, resilient businesses are prepared for them. They know it’s not a question of ‘if’ challenges are coming but ‘when.’”