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My City Rides serves and expands during the pandemic

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, My City Rides continues providing scooters at an affordable cost when personal transportation is needed.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some businesses haven't survived the pandemic.

My City Rides makes scooters available at an affordable cost and not only have they sustained the challenge, but they are expanding.

Danielle Liggins-Threat has had a scooter for about 2 years

"I've been in situations to where I wasn't able to get to where I needed to go and now I can get up and go," said Liggins-Threat.

You've probably seen her zipping around Midtown Memphis on her red and white scooter Liggins-Threat has named Roxy and while she's now a skilled rider she was once a sceptic of My City Rides. 

"Getting a scooter for $90 a month, no down payment, no fees, no extra, no gimmicks. None of that. I was like, wait a minute, it's just not that simple."  

It absolutely is.

Less than $100 a month gets qualified applicants a scooter, insurance, plates, license, helmet & jacket and motorcycle training no strings attached and there's not much that would disqualify anybody interested in the program.

My City Rides, Executive Director Andy Nix says the organization strives to make sure anybody can get one of these top quality scooters.

In 2 years, even through a pandemic, the non-profit has put more than 270 flyers on the road.

"You know, one thing that we have found, Rudy, during this time is that the need for socially distant form of transportation has really continued," said Nix.

It's a one of a kind program driving a mission of mobile and economic freedom for all, especially now.

"People that are in the program were frequently able to leverage their scooter to find alternative means of income as well as transportation. That kept us going as well as a steady demand," said Nix.

A new facility at the intersection of Binghampton, The Heights and Berclair will help them reach more people.

Even I joined the program after being impressed by bike culture on trips to Europe and Thailand, where scooters darting through traffic isn't uncommon.  

That freedom we were talking about, Charles Ewing Sr. says partnering his company with My City Rides gives his employees that independence. 

"In the moving industry you've got to move people when they want to move so it's not always convenient for them to finish a job and make the MATA schedule," said Ewing.

My City Rides wants more people to soar.

"It's just that feeling nothing can stop you," said Liggins-Threat.