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Some Arkansans being scammed by Facebook marketplace transactions

Buying things from online marketplaces has grown in popularity— now we're telling Arkansans what to watch out for to be sure it's a safe transaction.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — In this day and age, people have been writing fewer checks and opting to buy things online instead— but that also comes with risks. 

We've reported on several scams lately and they all have one thing in common. People aren't who they say they are and unsuspecting victims have lost money because of it.

One Little Rock woman explained that for her it started on Mother's Day when several people started showing up at her door expecting to pick up items they bought online. Though she explained that she was not selling anything, and the victims and money spent are quickly adding up. 

"Someone had given them my address. So they came to claim the property that they purchased. And I thought it was an isolated incident," Little Rock resident, Toni Barnas said.

More and more people kept showing up on Toni Barnas' doorstep. 

"Almost 20 People have come to my home all paying upwards between $250 to $40," Barnas explained.

People have traveled from other nearby cities to pick up their items, ranging from pet supplies to furniture. 

Barnas said most of the people have paid for their items through Facebook or Cash App. 

"Most have been very kind and understanding that they're a victim and on the victim as well since my address is being used," she said.

She's ready for it to stop. So far, she said the total cost spent has been around $2,000.

"We reached out to the police, we found a report with a telephone reporting number. But there was really nothing more that they could do," Barnas said.

Kayla Irons traveled from Conway to pick up a dog kennel that her kids paid for on Cash App and ended up walking away with nothing. 

"At this point, I was pretty irritated. And kind of you know, who is this person? What's the story? I was told to pick up the kennel here, you know," Irons explained.

Now, she's been a little more careful when shopping on Facebook Marketplace. 

"It's a good reminder, it's a good reminder to just proceed with even greater caution," she said.

Barnas even put a sign on her front door to tell people they've been scammed, in case she's not home.

"Having all these people that I don't know come to my property is a bit unnerving and I'm concerned something is going to happen because someone's going to be upset," Barnas described.

Attorney General Tim Griffin said we should all be suspicious of brand-new Facebook profiles, avoid deals that seem too good to be true, and not send money to people you don't know. 

"Something's going on and something needs to be done," Barnas said.

We did reach out to Little Rock Police and were told they can't do much about this scam. Though the Attorney General said if you're a victim of this, you should report it to the platform you used to pay and file a complaint with his office.

You can file a complaint by calling Tim Griffin's office at (800) 482-8982 or by clicking here.

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