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Billing site subject of MLGW's customer warning says utility's claims are 'completely false'

MLGW said some customers used Doxo.com, and they have experienced extra fees and delayed payments.
Credit: MLGW/Maksym - stock.adobe.com

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — MLGW is issuing a warning to customers who used a third-party online bill paying service.

MLGW said some customers used Doxo.com, a Seattle-based third-party billing site, and they have experienced extra fees and delayed payments.

The utility said though Doxo uses MLGW’s logo and shows the company’s website homepage, it is not and authorized MLGW vendor. That means the utility does not have a contractual agreement or relationship with Doxo.

Doxo, however, reached out to us and said while they are not affiliated with MLGW, the claim being made that they use their logo and name on their website is "completely false."

Indeed, the webpage Doxo uses to handle MLGW payments makes no use of their logo or branding, contrary to what MLGW claimed.

The company also said MLGW has elected to receive payments from third-party sites like Doxo, and in fact opted-in to their services.

"Doxo has been sending hundreds of payments per month to MGLW from doxo customers since 2015 electronically, so there is no delay," said Roger Parks, one of Doxo's co-founders. "Publishing a 'warning,' containing all of this easily-verifiable false information, is inappropriate."

MLGW responded, re-iterating they do not have a partnership with Doxo and have no way of verifying payments made to Doxo.

A Doxo representative said the practice of unaffiliated third parties, like banks, handling utility payments has been happening for years.

Customers who want to pay online directly to MLGW can do so through MLGW.com using My Account. 

Customers can also find a list of authorized places to pay and options at mlgw.com.

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