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How an EDGE grant will impact the Whitehaven community

EDGE approved a $100,000 grant to the Greater Whitehaven Economic Redevelopment Corporation.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Whitehaven economic development group is getting a financial boost from the Economic Development Growth Engine.    

Whitehaven was once a booming community and the push to revitalize it is back. The executive director said this grant will help support the community's growth.   

If you’re driving around Whitehaven, you know where Graceland is, you might see some new businesses.   

Now the Economic Development Growth Engine, or EDGE, is offering help by working with local partners to promote more economic opportunities.  

“This grant is showing that we’re strong, well organized, we’re committed to helping the people of our community,” said GWERC Executive Director Michael O. Harris.   

EDGE approved a $100,000 dollar grant to the Greater Whitehaven Economic Development Corporation.   

“It was a thriving community,” said Harris. “A community that was booming but then and all of a sudden we went through a period of time where resources were pulled out.”  

Now businesses are popping up such as breakfast spot Eggxactly which is nestled in a residential neighborhood and Muggin Coffeehouse which has cold and hot caffeine drinks.  

“At this point, the business is coming because there’s number one a need,” Harris said. “There’s an opportunity and it’s going to be sustainable.”  

Harris, a native of Whitehaven said the grant will help support Whitehaven’s future.   

“It’s for the implementation of our programs,” said the executive director. “We’ve developed new programs and we are on our way and we needed a little financial boost to get us going.”  

Harris said GWERC works directly with community members to get input which he says makes them successful.