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Time to check your tickets - someone in Memphis won $50,000 in Double Play Powerball

Someone in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, also won $50,000 in the regular Powerball drawing Wednesday.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s time once again to check your tickets. Tennessee Lottery officials said someone in Memphis – as well as someone in Murfreesboro – each won $50,000 in Wednesday’s Powerball drawing.

The Memphis player won the $50,000 from the Double Play. The Double Play drawing is held after the regular Powerball drawing. The winner matched four out of five balls and the Double Play Powerball. The numbers are 2, 24, 34, 42, 54 and Double Play Powerball 11.

The Memphis ticket was sold at Gabe’s Market in the 6800 block of Macon Road.

According to the TN Lottery: “For $1, Double Play gives players a chance to win additional cash prizes up to $10 million with their Powerball numbers. Players play the same set of numbers in both the main Powerball drawing and the separate Double Play drawing. Powerball tickets that include the Double Play add-on are eligible to win prizes in both drawings.”

The Murfreesboro player matched four out of five white balls and the red Powerball in the regular Powerball drawing for a $50,000 win. The winning numbers are 5, 7, 61, 63, 69 and red Powerball 18.

The Murfreesboro ticket was sold at Publix in the 3400 block of Memorial Blvd. in Murfreesboro.

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