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How a Memphis grandmother of 12 saves at the grocery store despite inflation, rising prices

Even with inflation and rising prices, a Memphis grandmother of 12 saves money with every trip.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Right now, inflation is up faster than any time since 1982. The price of most everything shoppers typically buy costs more, especially at the grocery store.

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According to Goldman Sachs economists, the price of a pound of bacon is rising more than a dollar. A sirloin steak will cost nearly $2 dollars more per pound.

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Memphian Christie Barclay is always searching for the best deals.

“You know, some people go deer hunting, we always go deal hunting," said Barclay.

With her growing family of 12 grandchildren, Barclay has clipped coupons for years.

Credit: Christie Barclay

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“There's a kind of a thrill of that,” said Barclay, about her hobby. “But right now, with so much inflation, it's necessary. My advice to my kids and grandkids is there's always another way to do something."

Plan ahead

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"I think the easiest way for people to save significant money is to plan ahead of time plan and be flexible,” said Barclay. “Know what's on sale."

Know your store's coupon policy.

“Every store is different,” said Barclay. “Other stores won't let you stack coupons. It's one coupon per one item, and you only get one item."

When clipping coupons, work smarter not harder.

“There are websites that will do it for you,” said Barclay. “If you just Google, Kroger coupon deals, CVS coupon deals, people do the work for you.”  

Look for sections in the grocery store specific for deals of the day, and remember the best deal might be closer than you think.

“There's always a deal out there to be made,” said Barclay.

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