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Rising rent prices in Memphis are costing people their homes

Rent prices have increased 23% within the last year.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People across the Mid-South are facing evictions due to increased rent prices. 

For many in Tennessee still out of work without federal unemployment benefits, paying rent has become impossible. 

Lameka Henderson, who has been renting in Raleigh the past seven years, is facing eviction if she doesn't pay $300 more per month on her rent. 

"When you have a roof over your head that’s the most important," Henderson said. "When that’s being jeopardized, it has your feelings all over the place." 

Henderson is not alone. 

Memphis rent prices are up 23% since this time last year. She understands landlords' need to make a living, but she's had difficulty finding a place within her budget. 

"Your rent is really based on what your income is," Henderson said. "You know what you can pay and what you can’t pay."

Henderson has kept up on her rent payments throughout the pandemic, but she said times are still difficult for a lot of people. 

"People are losing their jobs," Henderson said. "I lost hours at my job. Yes, $300 more on my rent that’s too much."

The rising rent costs have made her rethink what she wants to invest her money in. 

"If I’m going to pay that much for a house I’d rather just buy a house," Henderson said. "You know just have a house note."

If you are struggling with paying rent or facing an eviction, you can call these organizations for help. 

Frayser Community Development Corporation 901-354-2668

Memphis Area Legal Services 901-432-4663

MIFA 901-527-0208