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“You’re magnetic!” | Author & life coach wants women and girls to embrace their moment in history

"I believe this is a critical moment in history for every woman and every girl to embrace," said author and life coach Tabatha Pittman.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Are you a magnet? Better yet, are you a magnetic woman?

Women let's talk to you for a moment. You run the boardrooms. You raise the children. You cook the meals. You're a loving wife. And one author wants you to know, you're magnetic! She tells Local 24 News Weeknight Anchor Katina Rankin why it's time for women to share their positivity with the world. It's local good news.

Meet Tabatha Pittman. She's an author and life coach teaching women to be magnetic.

"I believe this is a critical moment in history for every woman and every girl to embrace," said Pittman.

Especially after Kamala Harris made history. Pittman said women should be inspired after seeing the first woman become vice-president. And she offers these three steps for women to become magnetic and walk in their purpose.

Step 1. Show up.

"Show up authentically, and that is, you are 100% comfortable in the skin you're in," said Pittman.

Step 2. Be confident.

"Confidence is your secret weapon. You don't have to say anything when you show up as confident because your presence will command the room," said Pittman.

Step 3. It's time to speak up.

"Somebody is waiting for your voice. Some little girl is looking to you to say the right thing and to stand by the right thing and to speak up against the wrong thing," said Pittman.

Afterwards, she said it's time for women to be magnetic by showing other women, young ladies, and girls they can be successful like Harris - even in these unprecedented times.

"There are many people that need your level of experience - whether it be in mentorship, whether it be in community outreach, whether we can reach someone in coaching and say, 'Yes, you can'," said Pittman.

And teaching women of all colors, shapes, and sizes they are magnetic is local good news.

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