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Find an Ocean of Possibilities at the Germantown Community Library this summer

It's not too late for children and adults to sign up for the summer program, with prizes being awarded.

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — The Germantown Community Library is offering up ‘Oceans of Possibilities’ for children and adults this summer.

Readers of all ages are invited to sign up for the free, self-paced reading program, and they could even win prizes. They just read or listen to books and complete challenges to earn fun badges, prizes, and a special t-shirt.

“We are encouraging reading during the summer months because, especially for children. Summer is a time you can have that slide where there’s no school. And reading is important to continue so that they don’t slide as far back,” said Mary Smrek, Youth Services Librarian.

And this isn’t about just a reading list. Children are encouraged to explore subjects that interest them.

“We also want to encourage them to explore different areas that might be interesting to them. So, we have all of these different programs that we encourage them to attend,” said Smrek. “I have a program called ‘sink or float’ which is looking at the science I have a buoyancy. Again, it ties into the theme of ‘oceans of possibilities.’ But, again we are looking at a kind of science and seeing if they would like to do more of a STEM aspect to their life.”

And it’s not just books and audio books offered. There’s all kinds of learning available.

“We also have programs that are more artistic. For instance, I’m doing a ukulele club,” said Smrek. “We don’t want to limit children in any way, shape or form. We want them to really find their passion and be able to do what they want to do.”

The summer reading program is not just for kids. Adults can take part too.

“This summer we are offering the summer reading program. We have it divided into categories for adults, seniors and special populations. We have some in the afternoon. Some in the evening,” said Rachel Babb, Adult Services Librarian. “We have some retirement related programs, some health workshops, some art programs. Just a variety of things to offer the community.”

“We just attended a fantastic lecture about using tools on the Internet, e-tools to be able to identify birds,” said Carol Neeley, Program Participant.

And it’s not too late to take part.

“The summer library program started June 1st. We had a big kick off for it. And we are still very excited to have it continuing. And we still want to encourage everyone to come to the library and register. And it will end on July 31st. And the best news of course is that when it comes to the library, everything is free,” said Smrek.

Register and track progress from home using the BookPoints online platform. No library card required. For more information, call 901-757-7323 or visit the information desk at the Germantown Community Library.

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