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Heal the Hood Foundation shows creativity in helping to curb crime and violence in Memphis

Colorful mural grabs attention as foundation works with young people to help them shape the future

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — Local 24 News is a proud partner with the Hero Empowerment Center.

Sunday the organization's incredible work was on full display. The center teamed up with Heal the Hood Foundation to create a mural in Memphis that will give people hope.

Local 24 News photojournalist Janice Bridges spoke with the family in charge of the project.

"What Heal the Hood is, we're a foundation that basically uses arts in media science to really be able to curb crime and violence and really be able to create a different atmosphere. I'm supporting Martheus Wade and Paint Memphis in what he's doing. Martheus is a huge part of what we're doing as far as the Empowerment Center which is a brand new arts facility so it looks a whole lot like Superman's Fortress of Solitude that we're building. We were just gifted 7.02 acres of land. Our emphasis is working with young people and really being able to help them shape the future," said LeDell Beamon, with Heal the Hood.

"I'm excited to see what's happening and what this is going to look like when you paint Memphis in this type of way, because this is a huge snapshot of what's to come. When you're driving down the streets, you're going to see these walls, you're going to see these paintings. You're going to see that this was done by Memphis talent."

"This is actually my first one so pretty exciting to be able to do it and to be able to see it come to fruition. Man, we spent some long hours last night knocking out some of this black area, then we've got to go back and do some color today. My main character, Shiandi Toshiggau from Shinobi Ninja Princess. A character that we're getting ready to introduce, me and my son, Iron Ninja Five, we created him. And, also, we have, down at the bottom, we have Lion Heart who is in the Heal The Hood Foundation comic book that's circulating through the school system.  We worked until about two last night, two this morning, and it was just pretty much laying in the groundwork, the outlines and the black areas and stuff like that so we can go back today and do colors. So we're going to start at the top and work our way all the way down, you know, with color. It's cool to be out here because my wife is going to be helping. My friends are going to be helping me. My son is going to be out here as well. So, really for us, it's just a Sunday," said artist Martheus Wade.

"This is an opportunity for us to shine in a whole other light. It makes me so excited," Beamon said.

To make a monetary donation via GoFundMe, click here.

Tune in tonight to hear in their own words, LaDell Beamom, Heal the Hood and artist Martheus Wade, as they talk about their Paint Memphis Mural and the Heal the Hood Foundation.

Posted by Local Memphis on Sunday, September 27, 2020