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Memphis teen rebuilds bridge at state park

“I hope this bridge will remind them that they don’t need to be like 20 to do something like this,” said Jullian Hunter, Boy Scouts of America Troop 364.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Here in the Mid-South, we take pride in our community, even down to some of our youngest residents.

Giving back to the community builds character, and one future Eagle Scout is helping to make sure his community is a place for all to enjoy.

Jullian Hunter is taking lead on a special project. He’s a member of Boys Scouts of America Troop 364.

“I wanted to become an Eagle Scout. It's been a dream, I guess, of mine for a very long time,” said Hunter.

Eagle Scout is the highest ranking position in Boys Scouts - demonstrating leadership, service, and determination.

“I needed a project for that. There was a bridge down here that was wearing down and it needed to be replaced. I thought that would be great. I thought why not also just help out this park. It doesn't get nearly as much attention as some of the other parks,” said Hunter.

It will now.

Tucked away at T.O. Fuller State Park, Jullian and his crew of engineers, mentors, and friends got to work.

“We started by taking down the last bridge,” said Hunter.

Metal to metal and stripped of what is worn out, it is out with the old an in with the new.

“We’ve just been building this new one. We’ve been able to reuse some of the old parts,” said Hunter.

The bridge is coming together, just like the hands of its builders.

“I didn’t think I’d be able to lead them and all - make sure everything got done. It feels great having them all around and helping,” said Hunter.

He is constructing personal growth with a lesson to share.

“I hope this bridge will remind them that they don’t need to be like 20 to do something like this,” said Hunter. “Just because you think you can’t doesn’t mean you can’t. I had almost no confidence walking into this, but doing it now, I’m glad I started. I’m going to be excited to see it finished.”

The crew is going beyond badges and building a bridge of achievement.