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"No More Flinching" | Why a former detective walked away from law enforcement to help others

"No More Flinching" is a true story of one Mississippi woman's strength, endurance, and triumph.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Do you ever flinch? You know, make a quick movement out of fear or surprise. Well, "No More Flinching" is a true story of one Mississippi woman's strength, endurance, and triumph. And she's hoping her adversity will lead you to freedom. Local 24 News Weeknight Anchor Katina Rankin has this local good news.

Carlotta Taylor said she was in and out of foster care growing up. She said she was abused and carried deep scars and pain for years. She wrote about the experience in a new book entitled No More Flinching.

"It took a while for me to share my story because I was full fledge in my law enforcement career until one day, I had an ‘ah ha’ moment and God really spoke to my soul," said Taylor.

You heard right. She was in law enforcement for fifteen (15) years. Her childhood led her to a career as a child protection detective.

"I turned in my two weeks' notice and walked away from a federal government career to do purpose work," said Taylor. "I want to inspire people to let go of the baggage that will hold you down if you continue to hold on to it for the rest of your life."

She offers 5 steps to overcoming adversity.

  • Get it out.
  • Create new habits of thinking.
  • Be intentionally optimistic.
  • Forgive. "Sometimes the most important person that we ever need to forgive is ourselves," said Taylor.
  • Finally, pray and meditate.

And encouraging people to forgive and move forward in the New Year is local good news.

Learn more about Carlotta Taylor and her book No More Flinching HERE. 

BECOME THE MOST SUCCESSFUL YOU! Entrepreneur, Total Life Changer, Life/Leadership Coach, CEO, Author, and Motivational Speaker Carlotta Taylor is not just a survivor of child abuse who endured multiple home placements but has developed into a champion, overcoming all odds, who no longer flinches at adversity but overcomes with authority.

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