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Arkansas second-grader awarded for saving his best friend's life

Second grader Jase Brown is being called a hero after helping his best friend following a scooter accident.

PARIS, Ark. — Paris Elementary School honored second-grader Jase Brown on Thursday, calling him a hero for his quick thinking after a scooter accident on October 6.

This week is Spirit Week for the students and Thursday coincidentally was dress like your favorite Disney or superhero character day. Little did the students know, they had a hero of their own in the school auditorium. 

Liam Woods and Jase were playing together riding scooters last week. The two boys hit a patch of gravel and fell to the ground. Jase landed without a scratch, but Liam wasn't so lucky.

"Liam was really hurt and I didn't want to leave him there hurt," said Brown. "I had to go get some neighbors to help him up because I care for my buddy."

After the fall, Brown knew something was wrong and began yelling for help. Calling out to any adult he could find and even running home to grab a first-aid kit to try to help Woods.

Woods was taken to a Paris emergency room and later airlifted to Arkansas Children's Hospital. He suffered a concussion, cracked skull and fractured his neck in two places.

"He still has to be very careful because he still could become paralyzed," said Rhonda Woods, Liam's grandmother.

However, defying all odds, Liam and his family were in attendance at the prep rally as surprise guests - honoring Brown for his actions and celebrating the life of Liam.

"They didn't have to do that and they're all so gracious and kind," said Rhonda. "The prayers, they have gone out of their way to make sure Liam is okay."

School principal Lakaen Schluterman and her staff surprised Brown with a "superhero" certificate and roaring applause from the school.

"I was glad we got to do that in front of all his peers, like look what he did, he stepped up and took action," said Schluterman. "This is something all of you can do, no matter how old you are, no matter what."

Liam is set to return to the classroom as soon as next week. His family, teachers and classmates will all be taking extra care of him during his recovery. But for now, his best friend turned hero is just happy to know Liam is okay.

"I'm just happy my friend is okay and not in bad condition," said Brown.

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