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Pastor offering outreach to youth after his Memphis church is vandalized for second time in a month

“To choose doing something productive versus doing something negative, Pastor Perpener said. "I believe our young people will do something productive every time."


Holy Nation Church of Memphis was vandalized for the second time in a month. 

“Everything that could’ve been broken was broken," said Pastor Andrew Perpener, of Holy Nation of Memphis. 

Outside of the nearly 50,000 square foot property, the stained glass windows were shattered. Also, other windows on the side of the church were shattered.  

It’s where vandals gained entry into the church’s main building. They made off with equipment used by the church to stream their services.

In the gym, multiple fire extinguishers were released onto the basketball court’s floors.

Members said gang symbols were spray painted on the walls.

“Anything that was glass was broken, scattered all over," Pastor Andrew said. "In our administrative offices, anything that was glass was broken; computers were taken as well.”  

According to witnesses, those responsible appeared to be minors. 

MPD said last year alone there were over 2,000 criminal suspects that were under the age of 18. 

Pastor Andrew believes this is not a setback but an opportunity. 

“Some of our neighbors saw look like some youth leaving this area," said pastor Perpener. "So we’re taking it as an opportunity; we need to do more in ministry.”   

It's a cry for help he vows won’t go unheard.

“To choose doing something productive versus doing, pastor Perpener said. "I believe our young people will do something productive. Talking to our politicians, our public officials, and things of that nature, sponsors and potential sponsors about helping us infuse this community; starting with our church.” 

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