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Local animal shelter director explains how to keep your pet’s microchip updated

MEMPHIS, Tenn., (localmemphis.com) – Amy Goad, director of Sunny Meadows Animal Rescue, said it’s crucial to keep the information on your pet’s micr...

MEMPHIS,Tenn., (localmemphis.com) – Amy Goad, director of Sunny Meadows Animal Rescue,said it’s crucial to keep the information on your pet’s microchip updated.

Oncethe microchip is inserted, you still need to go to the company website of thechip to enter your contact information and other information about thepet. 

“A lot of times they come inwith a microchip with zero information andthe chip will say not registered and so that dog is left here,” Goad said. 

At her shelter, they will microchip the pet for you during the adoption process, and they will enter your information in case your pet gets lost. 

Goad walks us through the process.

“This is the microchip. So it comes in this paper, and then there is a little tiny – like the size of a rice – inside here and that’s the microchip. So it’s just like an injection. The shot is given and the little piece of rice is what goes in. These are the numbers that you keep, you give one to your vet clinic and emergency contact so everyone has this number. There’s also a tag in there to put on the dog’s collar, so if it’s found and someone doesn’t have a scanner, they can still have the number on the microchip”.

“Weput the owners email in and we get all the information from the owner, and theemail sends everything to them so they update it. They can put pictures of thedog, colors, all kinds of things you can put about the dog,” Goad said. 

Thereare a number of microchip companies that allow you to enter your informationthrough their websites. It can be helpful to also enter other information aboutyour pet, like if they are spayed and neutered and other physicaldescriptions. 

“Alot of dogs look alike, but one dog may have a white dot on its head that’sunusual or something unusual – there’s a place to put all of that,” Goad said.

Goadreminds pet owners to update this information if you ever move, change phonenumbers, or adopt a pet from someone else. 

“Allof that is stored, so when your pet is lost, hopefully somebody finds it andthey can contact you through the company,” Goad said.