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Steve Mulroy says tackling crime is the focus as he officially takes D.A. seat Thursday

Steve Mulroy told ABC24 News Shelby County residents can expect a reformed District Attorney General's Office office.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Steve Mulroy, the first democrat in decades to hold the county's role as a top prosecutor, is officially taking office Thursday. He will hold the Shelby County District Attorney General title for the next eight years.

During his campaign, he promised a number of things like criminal justice reform and tackling Memphis crime. 

Mulroy told ABC24 News Shelby County residents can expect a reformed D.A.'s office.

"If we can make the system fairer then I think we can make the streets safer," he said. 

He said the current justice system isn't working and his success over the outgoing D.A. Amy Weirich would suggest most voters agreed.

He explained his top priority is curbing violent crime. 

"Deprioritize lesser offenses like marijuana prosecution and possession, being late on fines and fees, and focus like a laser beam on violent crime," said Mulroy.

He promises he will run the most transparent D.A.’s office the county has seen in a very long time, because it will ultimately keep people safe. 

"If we can reduce the systemic discrimination that occurs in our system, and reduce the burden on innocent people, and restore the public's trust in the fairness of our system - then the community, especially the African American community, will cooperate with law enforcement and provide tips, and witnesses and reports crimes," he said.

Mulroy said seeing any impact from a reformed D.A. isn't going to happen overnight but believes people will start to notice it soon.  

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