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In the midst of a worker shortage and unaffordable child care, Mid-South parents forced to stay home

Some parents find it easier to quit their low-paying job to start daycare service because it allows them to make money and watch their kids at the same time.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Mid-South families are struggling to pay for child care, so some parents are quitting their low-paying jobs to start their own child care service. 

Brittiney Spencer has run Sparklez In-Home Daycare Center in Memphis for about three months. She said she started the business because she couldn't afford to pay for her children's daycare anymore.

She worked two jobs, bringing in about $2,200 a month. She worked at Home Depot making $16 an hour and Big Star in West Memphis making about $11 an hour. When her hours got cut from both jobs, paying more than $800 for childcare wasn't feasible.

She said some Memphis daycares went from about $150 a week to almost $300 a week per child. When she opened her daycare center, she said she was going to be reasonable, and charge below the average rate to help out other parents. 

"I charge a base rate of $140 a week," she said. "A lot of people say don't worry about what they can't afford, worry about what your making, and I am like no, the whole reason of this was to make mom's lives easier."  

Sparklez Daycare offers late night, overnight, and weekend child care services.

Brittiney said she knows several mothers who quit their low-paying job to start babysitting because it allowed them to make money and watch their kids at the same time. 

She's been offered incentives to go back to her previous jobs, but she said she doesn't plan to go back because she loves being at home with her children. 

These are Sparklez Rates

Posted by Sparklez Home Daycare on Friday, September 24, 2021

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