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COVID-19 vaccine scam circulating in Arkansas, Better Business Bureau warns

The BBB says the fake text comes with a survey claiming to move Arkansans up in line to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of their eligibility.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Spring breakers may be taking the week off, but scammers are still hard at work.

The Arkansas Better Business Bureau is warning us of a new vaccine scam.

So, if you hear your phone alerting you of a message, make sure it's someone you know.

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"Individuals have received text messages claiming to be from Pfizer,” said Janet Robb, CEO of Arkansas Better Business Bureau.

Robb said the text comes with a survey claiming to move Arkansans up in line to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, meaning anyone who doesn't fit in the group 1-C or previous categories.

"The pharmaceutical companies are not reaching out to the general public to get them signed up to get the vaccine,” said Robb.  

She said Arkansans need to be aware and look out for certain things when receiving a call or text from a number you aren’t familiar with.

"Look for unsolicited texts, a text that makes it feel like you won, you're special, you've been selected, and that ask for personal or financial information,” said Robb.

The Better Business Bureau said many Arkansans have already fallen victim by taking the survey and giving out financial and personal information.

Some are out money; others are worried about what comes next.

"They are worried about now what someone is going to do now that they have my full name, my date of birth, and my social security number,” said Robb.

The BBB said if you do have an existing relationship with a local pharmacy, that pharmacy might reach out to you.

However, it's important to take further steps to independently verify that it's them.

"Never just go by an out of the blue text message that you receive on your phone. That's a red flag,” said Robb.

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The safest way to receive your vaccine is wait your turn.

Also, get in contact with your local pharmacy to see if you qualify and to make an appointment.