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Intoxicated man arrested after backing into an MPD squad car

"I had a few drinks, but, I'm not (expletive) up."
Credit: Shelby County Jail
George Nettles, 69, arrested after backing into MPD squad car while intoxicated

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is behind bars after stopping in the middle of a street downtown and backing up into a Memphis Police Department detective's squad car Friday night.

According to a police affidavit, George Nettles, 69, was driving on Gayoso near Hernando, in front of the MPD detectives, when he stopped and backed up.

After hitting the squad car, Nettles got out of his car and stumbled to the rear.  The detective noticed his speech was slurred and that Nettles had soiled his pants.  He was also having trouble with balance while standing still.

While talking to officers, Nettles said, "I had a few drinks, but, I'm not (expletive) up."  He was arrested and taken in for sobriety testing.

He was found to have previous DUI arrests.

Nettles is charged with driving under the influence, improper backing, public intoxication and reckless driving.

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